Technology leader in advanced composites

We believe composites can be affordable for high-end markets such as Aeronautics, Space, and Marine. Producing composite parts for high-qualified products such as solar arrays, fuselages and rotor blades is, due to the delicacy of the material, mainly done by hand. As a result, composites are an expensive product. That is why we translate the fundamental assets of Industry 4.0 to our high-qualified composite manufacturing processes.

 At Airborne we know that innovation in manufacturing through automation, digitalisation and advanced analytics is the catalyst for the significant increase in productivity that companies need to stay competitive. We understand the complexity and cost involved in producing composite products for demanding applications in highly regulated industries. Our legacy in advanced composites manufacturing makes us experts in developing and delivering automated solutions that enable our customers to achieve high production rates and radically low conversion costs.


High-end composites accessible for everybody. That’s what drives us!

Airborne Composites Automation ensures the engineering, development, functioning, commissioning and continuous improvement of our automated solutions, including digitalisation concepts. We work from equipment design to selection of  tools, vendor management and negotiations up to the integration of a robust, safe and reliable production line.

Our Airborne Aerospace department is market leader in solar-array substrate panels for European satellites. We work on state-of-the-art solar-array substrates, affordable panels for mega-constellations and affordable structures for small launchers. We develop and install automated composite manufacturing cells for the production of small to medium sized composite aerospace parts enabling our customers to reduce cost and lead times. 

Working at Airborne

We are always looking for talented people, whether you are just starting your career or if you are a proven professional. Within Airborne, we have positions in many specialist areas, such as mechanical engineering, industrial automation, process engineering, project management, production, quality, sales, purchasing and logistics.

What we offer

We offer a variety of career opportunities for both technical as well as non-technical candidates. We do not only need people with experience in composites. Highly skilled engineers with a background in the aerospace, marine, machine construction or robotics are invited to apply.

At Airborne you will have the chance to develop your personal and professional skills by being part of game changing, high-end technical projects. Education will be an integral part of your career. 

Are you ready to work at a high-tech technology leader with ambitious goals in the world market of advanced composites? Check our website for more information: