NL Space Campus is the gateway to the Dutch Space Cluster and together with ESA’s technical heart ESTEC, the Galileo Reference Centre and the strong Dutch space cluster that includes the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus (LDE) universities alliance, we are an important European Space Hub. NL Space Campus is located in Noordwijk, home to ESA’s technical heart, the European Space Research and Technology Center (ESTEC), the Galileo Reference Centre (GRC), SBIC Noordwijk hosting the ESA BIC programme and Space Expo. NL Space Campus offers an inspiring location to visit, meet and work.

ESA ESTEC and LDE form the knowledge anchors of NL Space Campus. Together we have many fruitful collaborations that connect students with the space sector. With somewhere around 70 companies, a mixture of start-up and scale-ups, upstream and downstream, in Noordwijk and in close proximity, more than 3000 high-tech professionals are connected to the NL Space Campus community. Together with companies in the Zuid-Holland region with important players in Leiden, Den Haag, Delft, Rotterdam, and the Amsterdam area, we form an international network and community of innovative high-tech space companies. 

We connect these communities and by strengthening the community of students (societies) and young professionals we create (business) opportunities. Part of our community are interdisciplinary education programmes, masterclasses and workshops, which are important for bridging gaps between knowledge and the application of knowledge. Also for future collaborations and innovations, and to prepare talent who will work on future societal and industrial challenges.

NL Space Campus, together with ESA ESTEC and LDE universities, has partnerships with knowledge institutes such as SRON, NLR and TNO and KNMI, and valuable colleges in Den Haag, Leiden and de Leidse Instrumentmakerschool (LIS). Other universities in the Netherlands, Wageningen, Twente and Eindhoven and European Universities such as the International Space University, are welcomed to be part of our community. Also we partnered with Spacefluencers to support and provide a platform for young professionals interested in space.