The Space Business Innovation Center Noordwijk supports entrepreneurs and startups who want to launch or improve a product or service that uses space technology.

Our most important activity is the ESA BIC incubation program, the business incubation programme of the European Space Agency that offers technical, business, and financial support to startups that use space technology for terrestrial applications. Space startups get up to €50,000 zero-equity funding for the development of their idea, receive technical support by the European Space Agency (ESA) or partners, and get extensive business support by SBIC.

From September 2022, SBIC Noordwijk and NL Space Campus jointly launched the ESA Technology Broker for the Netherlands to facilitate technology transfer solutions. The broker acts as the intermediary partner to stimulate collaboration between the space and non-space industries.

In addition to successfully managing several different programs, SBIC Noordwijk hosts networking events, facilitates workshops, organizes (international) hackathons and idea competitions, and provides coworking space for incubators, alumni, partners, and other entrepreneurs who want to connect and work within the space community.